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A Guide to Proper Check Writing Checklist

In many cases, there are length standard for text. If you want to know how to check my personal statement, read this page. Depending on the school you enrolled with or in the academic requirement, you need to follow proper check writing standard.

Proper Check Writing for General Text

  • Essay or research paper: Many professors will tell how long your essay should be. In some instances, they will give you page number range like your essay or research paper must be between five to seven pages. If you do not have a page range, then the length of the essay will depend on many things. If you have doubts, it is better if you get a help. If you cannot get any help, then you need to guess.
  • Essay test: During the essay test, you need to usually write 1 to 2 paragraphs in answering short questions. When it comes to big tests for essays, you need to answer one question for one hour. You are expected to compose entire essay. With that, write at least five paragraphs which include all parts of the composition of between one to two written pages.
  • High school papers: When it comes to high school papers, your professor want normal research paper or essay between three to five pages. They expect between five to seven pages when it comes to final papers.
  • Middle junior high school: Normal papers will be probably between one to two pages in length. For final paper, it is between two to four pages. You need to follow what your professor tell or if you do not have any guide, use this.
  • College: For proper length for college papers, it will be depend on class level and the important of the assignment. For review reading assignments, you need to write between one to three pages and for important tasks, it is between five to seven pages. For final paper in intro or in 100-level college class, the teacher will not ask for over ten to twelve pages. In addition, when it comes to final research paper at 300 up to 400 or for upper level course, you need to write papers of fifteen to twenty pages. Usually, it will be depends on the school you are attending or it will be depends on the preference of your professor.
  • Math majors: For math majors, they are not required to write long papers, but history majors, they will be required to write lengthy papers.

Parts of Essay: How Long Should It Be?

The overall length of your essay will be depending on the topic. Keep in mind that the introduction and the conclusion are the shortest parts and must be in similar length. It must be shorter than body of your paper. An essay must have introduction, body and conclusion.

For one page essay:

  • The introduction with a thesis statement must be one paragraph
  • The first body must be one paragraph
  • The second body must be one paragraph
  • The third body must be one paragraph
  • The conclusion must be one paragraph

For five page essay:

  • Introduction must be ¾ to one page
  • The first, second and third body is about one page
  • The conclusion is about ¾ up to one page

For ten page paper:

  • The introduction is about one page or one and half page
  • The first, second and third body is about two pages and half page
  • The conclusion is about one page or one page and half page

There you have the things you need to know about length of essay, research paper and others. The length of your paper will be depends on your professor.

Use this reference for proper check writing today!