ucas personal statement length

UCAS Personal Statement Length

What are the things to put in your personal statement when applying at UCAS? This is the question that has been bothering you for quite some time because you want to come up with a stellar application essay. That is why you are looking for ways on how to write a personal statement for university or your statement of purpose post baccalaureate. Here are some tips.

ucas personal statement characters counter

Admissions Process: UCAS Personal Statement Characters

Based on online counters for personal statements for UCAS, the university requires 4,000-character count or about 47 lines of texts in your essay. This is not that long that is why you have to know how to maximize your essay by using the space allotted wisely and correctly.

If you want to make it to the UCAS using your PS, ensure that you follow this personal statement word counter guideline when writing, and follow this UCAS Personal Statement Length and Tips:

  1. Aside from the word limit of 47 lines of texts, you should also know that no two personal statements are alike. It is understood that you should tailor your PS for UCAS and avoid submitting the same essay you are going to submit in other universities. If you do submit the same PS across applications, you might lose the chance of capturing the attention of the admissions committee and lose your chance of entering UCAS. Remember, you should write a unique personal statement, which one is of the biggest factors in winning or losing in this application. It may also be the deciding factor to choose between you and another applicant.
  2. Clearly, explain the reasons for applying in UCAS and reasons you want to take up the course. There should be a clear explanation that will help the committee in deciding whether you are one of those applicants that they are looking for or not. You should also tell them what made you interested or the factors that developed your interest in the course. So aside from following the UCAS personal statement word count, you should show why you deserve to become one of their students and express what you can bring to the table when they get you in.
  3. Why do you fit the bill? This should be the focus of your personal statement so that you can show what makes you a great student who meets the criteria for selecting the most suitable applicants. You should show them that you understand what it means to take up the course and how you are prepared for the challenges that you will face.
  4. Stay on the topic and make sure that your paper shows that you did your homework about the school. You should be able to show why you are one of the best candidates to become a student in UCAS.
  5. Mention what you did outside the classroom by writing about any volunteer works, education and experiences you gained, but make sure that they are related to the course. Also, write about your long-term plans.

UCAS Personal StatementUCAS Personal Statement

 Follow and apply this tips on your paper to ensure that you increase your chances of taking part into the program!