Personal Statement Tips

Worst College Personal Statement Tips Ever

Knowing how to write a personal statement is important so that you can get started. In this page, you will know the list of worst college personal statement tips. Make sure that you avoid the worst tips in writing the essay to submit an effective, impressive and interesting paper to the admission committee.

List of 7 Worst College Personal Statement Tips

When it comes to length of personal statement, it will depend on the school you are applying. It is important that you check the website of the university that you want. Different schools have different requirement for personal statement medical school length. Some medical schools require 500 to 600 words.

So here are the worst tips that you must know in writing the personal statement:

  1. Starting with famous quote: Admission committee want to hear you and not what famous are saying. Students are fond of using famous quote in their personal statement and it was you should avoid doing. Make your essay personal and if you want to make strong essay by using a quote, then do not use a dead quote.
  2. Writing volunteer work: It is impressive that you help other people, but there are many applicants who are writing about their volunteer work. It is better if you write about certain poignant conversation or moment in your life. This is one of the worst tips that you should avoid because it is common. There are many students who are writing about their volunteer work. Even though it is impressive, it is better to think of other information to write in your essay.
  3. Over-exaggerating commitments: Do not be afraid to talk about the truth. There are many students who write about their accomplishments and others, but it is better if you write something that is meaningful to you. You should ask yourself first before starting to write.
  4. Gimmicky application: Many students write anything else that is not interesting. You need not to write gimmicky essay as much as possible. In writing the personal statement, you need to make it unique and original. If you want to be selected and remembered by the committee, you need to follow this tip.
  5. Dead dog essay: Every person deals with a tragedy in different way. The dead dog essay should not be about learning truth on life and death, but it must be learning from yourself at how you applied what you learned in your own choice.
  6. Super general essay: If you are applying to a certain school, you should at least know some information about the university. The admission committee does not want to read a general essay because they think that you do not invest enough time in writing your paper. It is important to write specific essay because it is interesting and impressive to read.
  7. Submitting essay with mistakes: Commonsense! You will not submit a paper that is full of mistakes. Every student knows about it. This is one of the worst tips in writing personal statement because everyone knows that they should not submit an essay if they still do not read their essay. You need to avoid submitting an essay that is full of spelling and grammatical errors.

Personal Statement Medical School Length

Before you start writing your personal statement, you need to check the word count limit so that you can plan on how you start writing the essay. It is also important that you avoid the worst tips in writing your personal statement. Start writing your personal statement today and make sure that you follow the word count. Before writing your document you may check out prepared by application essay writing services specific prompts that different universities can give you for your application!

Avoid the worst college personal statement mistakes today!