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10 Apps to Count Words Online

If you are looking for count words online tools, this page will provide some of the best tools that you can check out online. It will help you to have easy counting and not to waste your time manually counting. We also provide you with tips how to format a personal statement.

Check Word Count: The Best Tools

There you have the list of the best top word checkers you can check out on the web to know how many there are characters in your personal statement.

The listed below online tools will surely help you to know your word or character count in just a minute.

  1. Smallseotools: This word count check tool is perfect for essays, web pages and others. The tool is easy to use and free to use. It will instantly tell the total words of your text or document. You will also be given with character count. What you need to do is to just paste your text or upload your file.
  2. Seotools rocks: The tool is easy to use and will make your character or word count easier. SEO Threads has excellent solution to help you. It is free to use that will determine the frequency of your keywords that will appear online. It will help you also in determining characters counts in a specific text. Using it helps you in counting words of your website, articles and Twitter.
  3. Body Word Count: You can use it to accurately count your body word of your site. The word checker provides status message that state if your body is greater or less than 800 or 300. To get the count of your webpage, you need to enter the site URL and click the submit button. The tool will make the counting to be quick, accurate and simple.

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  4. Wordcountertool: This is a free character and word counter. Its typing speed finder will make check word count easy in block of text or paragraph. This word counter provides accurate results and the count will appear as you type. In checking the typing speed, you need to press the start button. You can find the words in just a minute. The tool is integrated with WMP calculator feature and you can change your paragraph to lowercase or uppercase.
  5. Mindpal: In calculating the words and characters, you need to copy and paste your text in the box and start clicking the update count. You might also want to type your text if you do not want to copy and paste.
  6. Countofwords: This is a free online checker that checks units in text and number of words. It is useful for grammatical research, database, dictionary creation, translation breakdowns and much more. To get started, you just need to write or paste your text in the box. For word limit in personal statement is 600 and for dissertation, it is between 3,000 up to 8,000.
  7. SEO Crop word count checker: This tool will calculate the number of characters and numbers. You instantly know your word count and character count by using the tool. It will help you to know if you meet the word count limit or not.
  8. Wordcountonline: This word counter will allow you to quickly determine your number of words and characters. Using it us very easy because you just copy and paste your text. The word count appears at bottom of screen. The tool can be use by students, lawyers, web masters, professors, secretaries, authors and others.
  9. Wordcounter: You can use the tool to count the words that is overuse or in finding keywords of your document. It can be use by editors, students, writers and any person. It is also free to use.
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Check out the 10 apps to count words online today!