law school personal statement length

Law School Personal Statement Length

Knowing of the right guidelines and the proper law school personal statement length will help you stay on the right track in your university application because it can show you keen attention to details. More so, following the requirements in writing will help you flex your chances to become accepted in your chosen law school. Keep reading and learn of the proper ways to write your personal statement.

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Length of Law School Personal Statements and Tips

There you have the basic tips to know about length of law school personal statement and general content guidelines to help you come up with an excellent piece.

Don’t forget about the following things about law school personal statement:

  1. Generally, you will be required to write a one-page or 500-word personal statement limits. Keep to this personal statement length by making sure that you are writing the most significant information about you as well as making use of the space allotted correctly.
  2. In writing, you should answer what the screening committee is looking to find out about you, and this includes information on the reasons you are a suitable candidate for their program. Highlight why you are a great student to show them that you deserve a slot in the law school.
  3. Write about your inspiration and motivation in applying. You should tell them what drives you to choose this career and this school. Let them know the reasons you are looking to take up this course in their school and reasons you think the school is the best one to give you that knowledge, skills and experience that will help you in accomplishing your future plans.
  4. Tailor your application essay based on the matching characteristics and values that the school is looking for the applicants and that you can clearly explain in your personal statement for law school.
  5. Write about your volunteer work, experience and education before getting into this application, but make sure that you keep the length of law school personal statement by writing only the most important details, meaning you should not waste precious space by writing only the most relevant details in your application.
  6. You can start your personal statement for law school with a unique story, including an important event in your life, a significant experience, a major influencer and a general theme (critical thinking, analytic skills…). You can also start with an inspiring speech, book or something that has helped shape you as an individual.
  7. Follow specific requirements in writing your PS. Some schools may require two pages, while others three.
  8. Do not distill your resume and turn it into a personal statement, according to an expert personal statement editor.
  9. Check on the grammar, spelling and structure of your personal statement. As a future lawyer, you are expected to have great understanding of the English language; therefore, read, proofread and edit your work a couple of times until it is free from any English writing mistakes.

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Follow and apply them on your PS and make the big difference to show you are a unique and deserving applicant for a law school!