how to write a 500 word personal statement

How to Write a 500 Word Personal Statement

Knowing how to write a 500 word personal statement is good because you can able to know what you must do.  When you start your admission essay and send your application to the school you want, you need to ensure that you write a wonderful essay, so you may need personal statement editor. If it’s troublesome for you to manage a 500 word article you might for sure need a professional help with personal statement.

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How to Write a 500 Word Personal Statement

When it comes to filling out an application and completing admissions process for your dream university or college, you need to be very serious and responsible. You should not waste your time and stop procrastinating because every single requirement and rule is essential and important. If you’ll forget about any of them you won’t be accepted.

Here are some things to remember when writing your 500 word personal statement:

  • Do not be focused on numbers: For personal statement writing tips, one of the things you should know is that you should not much be focused on numbers. Some students focus on their grades, but the reality is that telling a story that is personal or that plays a significant role in your life is better. Your essay should show who you really are. This means that it must show about your personality that cannot be presented in other requirements.
  • Read and follow instructions: In writing personal statement 500 words, you need to follow instructions and use a personal statement counter. This is basic and you need to remember it. There will be rules as well as guidelines you need to follow in your application and in writing your personal statement. You should not ignore those instructions because it is essential to your application.
  • Tailor your personal statement: Before you start writing your 500 word personal statement graduate school, make a good research about what the program is all about. It will give you reasons on what you want to show and discuss to the committee. In writing, you need to be specific all the time in writing.
  • Be unique: Even though there are personal statement limits, you need to be unique. You need to show to the admission committee that you are different from others. You can do this by highlighting your unique abilities at the same time demonstrating who you really are. You should show to the committee that you are the person they are looking for and you are the ideal candidate that can join their program.
  • Tell a story: In telling story, it doesn’t mean you need to be a good novelist, but you need to start your essay with attention grabbing introduction. Avoid generic opening just like what others are doing because it is not catchy. What you need to do is to tell an interesting story that helped you as to who you are today. You can begin with what you are feeling like what the weather is like. When you tell a story, you should not forget to highlight the most important thing, which helps you in growing. Tell a story that readers will not forget so that you an increase your chance to be accepted.

For your 500 word personal statement, you need to invest much time and all your attention in writing, editing and proofreading to submit the best one. You need to follow directions and requirements, don’t make any popular mistakes and write something that is interesting and catchy and be yourself all the time. Show who you are and impress the admission committee with your achievements and plans both personal and academic.

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