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How to Check Personal Statement for Proper Length

Normally, the length of personal statement will be dictated by the program you are applying for. Often, the word count will be 500 to 800 or 1 page to 2 pages. For example, when you are asked to write 1,000 words personal statement, then you need not to write the maximum length.  Lean more about how to check my personal statement.

Check Personal Statement Tips

If your essay is one of the necessary requirements you need to submit, you need to start with a good header. You can also number your personal statement so that it will not be included with others paper or for the committee to know that it belong to you. It is essential to choose a font that is readable like Bookman or Times. You should not use more than 12 point font size and not less than 10-point size. Whatever font you use, then use the same font al throughout the document

Checking Essay for Proper Length

In writing a personal statement for university, the task is not easy because there are format as well as structure you need to follow. On the other hand, the length is also essential to know. When you apply for the program, check out if there are word limit that they require. Follow the word count, so that the committee will think that you are following the instructions given by them. If you know that you only have 500 words to work with, make sure that you have a good decision on how much space you will devote in every paragraph.

No Word Count Limit Set in Writing Personal Statement

To check personal statement for word limit, follow the rules and guidelines given by the personal statement checker, but if they do not give any word limit, then you should know how long your essay should be. Normally, the word count for the essay is about 250 to 500 words. In this word limit, you should able to tell a good story that is different from others. You can explain about complicated situations and how you able to solve it. In addition, even though there is not word count or limits in writing the personal statement, you need to take the program’s guidelines seriously.

Check Other Work of Students

If you do not know the proper length in writing the personal statement, you can check out the work of other students. Most often, you will able to know that the most common word count is 500 words. If you believe that you can impress the committee with personal statement 500 words, write it.

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There are many options that you can choose when you are writing your personal statement, especially on the word count if it is not being set. You can decide to write a 250 word, 300 word or 500 word count essay. Do your best to ensure that you satisfy the reader with the word count required. It must not be too short and too long.

Now that you know what you should do, you can start writing your PS and have enough time in proofreading and editing it!