Personal Statement Counter

Why Do You Need a Personal Statement Counter?

our personal statement counterYour personal statement will undoubtedly be the most important part of your application so you have to ensure that it is done perfectly. This means not only by writing something that is attention grabbing and unique but also in following their requirements precisely. So your format and word count must be exactly as they have requested. Word count can be very difficult to maintain as you have so much that you want to say in such a small space, but if you go over the limit you are showing them that you are unable to follow their instructions so your application will simply be ignored. So using a personal statement counter to ensure that your statement is within the required limit is very important.

Use Our Personal Statement Counter to Keep within Their Limits

personal statement counterOur personal statement counter will simply check the length of your statement so that you can make sure that you are not going to exceed their requirements. Simply paste your text into the space provided and let us do the rest. Our tool will provide you with the personal statement word count and you can then compare this against the personal statement length that is required. Our personal statement length checker is completely free and very easy to use.

We Can Help You Maintain Your Personal Statement Length

personal statement lengthIf your personal statement is shown as being too long by our personal statement counter or if you are just not happy with what you have written then our website can provide you with some useful tips to fix this. Our tips and tricks will help you to ensure that your personal statement is correctly formatted and within the required word count as well as ensuring that what you have written if going to create the right impression.
If length of your personal statement isn`t proper you should fully review your personal statement to remove any errors in your writing and improve the readability through improving transitions and word choices.

In addition to this you should keep within the word count by looking in areas such as:

  • Removing information that is already available within other parts of your application;
  • Removing any obvious statements as these are just a complete waste of your word count;
  • Removing any clichés, these are often unnecessary as well as being a “no-no” in their own right as they want to see your own words;
  • Ensuring that everything that you have written is completely relevant to the application;
  • Ensuring that you have written concisely and have removed things such as redundant word pairs such as “very quickly”, you don’t need the “very”.

We Are Proud of Our Personal Statement Counter

personal statement counter servicesWhether you just want to use of our personal statement counter to check your personal statement length or you want find out more useful tips on personal statement writing we always aim for your full satisfaction. Our site always provides you with high quality and unique advice on how to improve your personal statement.

So if you need any help with your personal statement just come to us here for our personal statement counter! We are waiting for you!